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Enhanced Security: Two-Factor Authentication at Harbor

Enhanced Security: Two-Factor Authentication at Harbor

December 04, 2017

The security of your account and personal information is extremely important to Harbor Funds. Two‐Factor Authentication is a system to help ensure that only you have access to your online accounts. Once you get set up, and identify the computer(s) or device(s) that you frequently use to access your account, the login process will feel the same as always. However, if you try to use a different computer or device to log in, you will be sent a one-time security code to your previously established e-mail address or phone number. Entering that code during login will ensure that it is really you logging in.

To help further explain this process, how it works, and why Harbor Funds uses it, we’ve provided answers to some Frequently Asked Questions below.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?
Two-Factor Authentication is an added layer of security that further verifies a shareholder’s identity for online access.

What is the purpose of Two-Factor Authentication?
This increased security enhancement will help to protect your account against fraud, unauthorized account access, and identity theft. You will be required to verify your identity each time you log in from an unrecognized computer or device, using a security code delivered via text message or e-mail.  This security feature will help to prevent unwanted parties from accessing your account, even if they have your username and password.

How do I set-up Two-Factor Authentication?
The first time you set up your Security Profile, you will follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account at If your account is not registered for online access, you must first register by creating a user ID and password.
  2. The Setup Security Profile page will prompt you to add an e-mail address or a phone number for a text message by selecting Add a Delivery Method. You must add at least one delivery method to continue, but if you would like, you can add up to three of each.
  3. Each time you add a Delivery Method, you will need to verify that it works by entering the test code that is sent.
  4. Once you are done adding Delivery Methods, you can click Continue to complete the setup process.

How do I use Two-Factor Authentication when I am logging in from a new computer or device?

  1. Visit and enter your Username and Password like normal. Click Continue.
  2. Because your device or computer is new or unrecognized, you will be asked to select a Delivery Method.
  3. Choose one of the Delivery Methods you set up earlier, and click Request a Code. Once the code is sent, you will have five minutes to enter it on the Verify Security Code page.
  4. If you plan to use this device frequently to access your account via, you may want to click Remember This Computer. That way, you won’t have to request a code the next time you log in from this computer or device.
  5. Click Login to complete the login process.

Will I need to verify my identity every time I log in to my account?
No. During the login process, you have the option of selecting Remember This Computer. Once logged in, the system will remember the device you used, and will not require a security code the next time you log in from that computer or device.

What should I do if I do not receive an e-mail or text message when trying to set-up Two-Factor Authentication?
Contact one of our Shareholder Services Representatives at 800-422-1050, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern time.

What if I want to change an e-mail address or phone number that I provided as a Delivery Method?
Log in to your account using your current phone number or e-mail address as your delivery method. Then, once logged in, choose the My Account Profile tab, and select Security Profile Settings. There, you will be able to remove an old delivery method, and add a new one.


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