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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please select a topic from the list on the left. You will then be able to choose a specific question from the list of the most common and important questions our shareholders ask. If you ever need more information, or can't find the question or topic you want to explore, please call our Shareholder Services Representatives at 800-422-1050, Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Customer Support FAQs

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Tax FAQs

What can I do online?

Almost everything you can do with a Shareholder Services Representative on the phone, or using paper forms, you can do online with Harbor's Account Management system. Here are some of the more common things our shareholders do online:


  • View Current Account Balance
  • View Transaction History
  • View Portfolio
  • View YTD Summary - available for accounts with tax information
  • View Cost Basis Transaction Activity - available for accounts with cost basis information
  • View Bank instructions on file
  • View Address Information
  • Access Electronic Statements
  • Access Electronic Tax Forms
  • Access Electronic Confirms

Financial Transactions

  • Open new accounts - available for both new and existing shareholders
  • Purchase shares into a new or existing fund via ACH - available for accounts with ACH bank information
  • Redeem shares via check, ACH or Wire
  • Perform exchanges between funds within the same account - available for most account types

Account Management

  • Change address, phone and/or email address of record
  • Add/Update/Delete Automatic Purchases, Exchanges and Withdrawals - available for accounts with established ACH or Wire bank information on record
  • Update Distribution Options
  • Add/Update Bank instructions on file
  • Update your beneficiary (IRA accounts only)
  • Change document delivery settings between edelivery and U.S. Mail
  • Change a User ID
  • Change a password

How can I access my account online?

To access your account, you will need to register your account for online access. To register your account, you will need your Social Security Number or Tax ID, and the primary ZIP Code on file for your accounts.

During registration you will set up a User ID and Password for your account.

Your User ID must be from 6 to 20 characters long, including special characters, and it must include at least one letter.

Your password must be from 6 to 20 characters long, including special characters, and must include at least one letter and one number.

You will also be prompted to set up a security profile. The security profile will enable you to receive security codes from Harbor in the event that we need to further verify your identity, such as when you log in from a new computer or mobile device. To learn more about these security codes, and setting up your security profile, read about Two-Factor Authentication at Harbor.

What if I forgot my User ID?

If you forget your User ID, visit the Login screen and click I forgot my User ID, shown below the Next button. You will then need to provide your Social Security Number (or Tax ID), ZIP Code, and your account password. Once you have provided that information, the system will display your User ID, and a Log In button so that you can start the login process.

What if I forgot my password?

If you forget your password, visit the Login screen and enter your User ID. Then click I forgot my password, shown below the Next button. You will then be asked to provide your Social Security Number (or Tax ID) and your ZIP Code. Once you provide that information to verify your identity, you will be asked to set up or confirm your security profile, and update your password. Once your password is re-established, you will then be able to log in.

Does electronic delivery automatically replace paper?

Yes. If you sign up for edelivery, we will discontinue sending your paper documents in the mail. Keep in mind, all documents are stored in Adobe PDF format. They can be opened, downloaded to your computer, or printed at any time.

Can I receive both electronic delivery and paper statements?

Whether or not you sign up for edelivery, you will always be able to view prospectuses and quarterly reports electronically in the Fund Documents & Forms section of You will also always be able to log in to your account and view your account statements, confirmations and tax documents.

However, if you sign up for edelivery, there will be two changes to your account: First, you will receive email notifications when any new documents or reports are available online. Second, we will stop sending your paper copies, so you can worry less about identity theft and discarding or filing all of that paper. And keep in mind, when you sign up you'll be able to choose which types of documents you want to receive only electronically, and which types you still want to receive on paper -- statements, transaction confirmations, tax documents, prospectuses, etc. You'll even be able to choose edelivery and  still receive a paper copy of your Year-End Statement, if you would like.

To sign up for edelivery and go paperless, log in to your account, click the My Account Profile tab, and edit your Document Delivery Settings.

How can I update my account to receive all quarterly statements and reports via email?

Technically, Harbor's edelivery service does not send any documents via e-mail, for security reasons. We do, however, offer all of your documents online in PDF format. In addition, if you sign up for e-delivery, instead of receiving paper copies of those documents via the U.S. Mail, you will receive an e-mail notification when they are available online. You reduce the effort of opening and filing all of those paper documents, in addition to having instant notification of when your documents are available.

To turn on edelivery notifications, and turn off paper mailings for your account:

  1. Log into your account using your User ID and password.
  2. Click on the My Account Profile tab.
  3. Click on the Edit link shown next to the Document Delivery Settings information.

Note: To sign up for edelivery, you must first register your account for online access.  If you would like help, contact a Shareholder Services Representative. Our representatives are available Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Eastern time at 800-422-1050.

Harbor and its associates do not provide legal or tax advice.

Any tax-related discussion contained in this material, including any attachments/links, is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of (i) avoiding any tax penalties or (ii) promoting, marketing, or recommending to any other party any transaction or matter addressed herein. Please consult your independent legal counsel and/or tax professional regarding any legal or tax issues raised in this material.


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