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What is Scientific Fixed Income Investing?

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We sit on the same side of the table as you, the investor.

Harbor Capital specializes in identifying and partnering with experts in active investment management. Each manager and investment strategy is chosen based on the results of a rigorous and robust evaluation process.

We apply these principles to all of our investment offerings including ETFs – delivering unique, innovative, disciplined, and institutional-caliber active strategies to the marketplace. Each are powered by specialized expertise, built for today’s investor, and leverage the characteristics of ETFs.

Seeking an alternative approach to fixed income investing? Consider Harbor scientific fixed income ETFs

Taking a scientific approach to active fixed income investing may provide an ideal alternative or complementary solution for financial intermediaries and investors seeking to diversify and potentially enhance their income-generating investment strategies.

Scientific fixed income investing:

  • Has the potential to offer low correlations to traditional discretionary strategies while removing unwanted market exposures
  • Can potentially improve returns by mitigating cognitive and behavioral biases that can compromise traditional discretionary investment strategies via the application of tested market insights across a large set of instruments and markets
  • Harnesses large datasets to help create innovative sources of alpha
  • Applies modern portfolio construction techniques by targeting consistent risk-adjusted returns while mitigating transactions costs
  • Adapts to changes in market behavior by transparently attributing performance

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Investing in Harbor’s ETFs

Any information needed to identify Harbor’s ETFs can be found on our product pages for SIFI and SIHY. Harbor believes that active ETFs are a good way to access these compelling investment strategies while potentially being a better tax-advantaged investment. All fund materials, including performance information, factsheets, prospectuses, etc. are available on the SIFI and SIHY It is important to note that investors should consult a financial professional, an attorney, or tax professional regarding the investor’s specific situation.

Our ETFs are available through various channels including broker-dealers, investment advisers, and other financial services firms, including Envestnet, Fidelity, Pershing, Schwab, TD Ameritrade and more.

Please note that you cannot buy Harbor ETFs directly through Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc.

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Important Information and Disclaimer

Foreside Fund Services, LLC is the Distributor of the Harbor ETF Trust.

All investments involve risk including the possible loss of principal. Fixed income securities fluctuate in price in response to various factors, including changes in interest rates, changes in market conditions and issuer-specific events, and the value of your investment in the Fund may go down. There is a greater risk that the Fund will lose money because they invest in below- investment grade fixed income securities and unrated securities of similar credit quality (commonly referred to as “high-yield securities” or “junk bonds”). These securities are considered speculative because they have a higher risk of issuer default, are subject to greater price volatility and may be illiquid. Because the Fund may invest in securities of foreign issuers, an investment in the Fund is subject to special risks in addition to those of U.S. securities. These risks include heightened political and economic risks, greater volatility, currency fluctuations, higher transaction costs, delayed settlement, possible foreign controls on investment, possible sanctions by government bodies of other countries and less stringent investor protection and disclosure standards of foreign markets.

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Harbor Funds Distributors, Inc. is the Distributor of the Harbor Mutual Funds.
Foreside Fund Services, LLC is the Distributor of the Harbor ETFs.  

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Investing involves risk and the potential loss of capital.

Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of a fund before investing. To obtain a summary prospectus or prospectus for this and other information, click here or call 800-422-1050. Read it carefully before investing.

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