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Harbor Corporate Culture Leaders ETF (HAPY)

Access a data-driven strategy that seeks to capture the link between strong corporate culture and equity value.


Harbor All-Weather Inflation Focus ETF (HGER)

Access a vehicle that targets liquid and inflation sensitive commodities, accounts for the multiple forms of inflation, addresses the impact of futures roll yields, eliminates the need for K-1 tax filing*, leverages the potential benefits of an ETF, and more.


Harbor Long-Term Growers ETF (WINN)

The actively-managed strategy seeks long-term growth of capital by employing a proprietary combination of bottom-up, fundamental research and systematic portfolio construction.

Bringing the Alpha Edge to ETFs

Harbor Capital specializes in identifying and partnering with best-in-class experts in active investment management. Each manager and investment strategy is chosen based on the results of a rigorous and robust evaluation process, which we define as our Alpha Edge due diligence methodology. At Harbor, we sit on the same side of the table as you — the investor.

We apply these principles to all of our investment offerings including ETFs — delivering powerful, compelling, forward-looking, and institutional-caliber strategies to the marketplace. Each are powered by specialized expertise, built for today’s investor, and leverage the unique characteristics of ETFs.

Harbor's ETF Capabilities

Harbor's growing ETF suite leverages our expertise to meet the dynamic needs of investors. Powered by our world class research and asset management capabilities, we seek to offer ETF solutions that are innovative and differentiated.

Investment Ideas & Capabilities

Gain expert thematic viewpoints and investment ideas from Harbor!

About Harbor

Explore how Harbor is a high-quality manager-of-managers with consistently applied standards and ​a solid track record of ​selecting and retaining skilled subadvisers.

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Investing in Harbor’s ETFs

Any information needed to identify Harbor’s ETFs can be found on our ETF product pages. Harbor believes that active ETFs are a good way to access these compelling investment strategies while being a tax-advantaged investment. All fund materials, including performance information, factsheets, prospectuses, etc. are available on the ETF product pages. It is important to note that investors should consult a financial professional, an attorney, or tax professional regarding the investor’s specific situation.

Our ETFs are available through various channels including broker-dealers, investment advisers, and other financial services firms, including Envestnet, Fidelity, Pershing, Schwab, TD Ameritrade and more.

Please note that you cannot buy Harbor ETFs directly through Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc.

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Important Information and Disclaimer

Investing involves risk, principal loss is possible. Unlike mutual funds, ETFs may trade at a premium or discount to their net asset value. Harbor ETFs are new and have limited operating history to judge.

*Schedule K-1 is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax form issued annually for an investment in a partnership. A Schedule K-1 is issued to taxpayers who have invested in limited partnerships (LPs) and some exchange-traded funds (ETFs).


Fixed Income ETF Prospectus

Fixed Income ETF Prospectus

Harbor Disruptive Innovation ETF - Prospectus

Harbor Disruptive Innovation ETF - Prospectus

Domestic Equity ETF Prospectus

Domestic Equity ETF Prospectus

Harbor All-Weather Inflation Focus ETF Prospectus

Harbor All-Weather Inflation Focus ETF Prospectus

Harbor Corporate Culture Leaders ETF Prospectus

Harbor Corporate Culture Leaders ETF Prospectus

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Investing involves risk and the potential loss of capital.

Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of a fund before investing. To obtain a summary prospectus or prospectus for this and other information, click here or call 800-422-1050. Read it carefully before investing.

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