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Marathon Asset Management Limited (Marathon-London) is an independent investment management firm with a 35+ year track record of managing regional, international and global equity strategies on behalf of institutional clients. Marathon-London’s distinctive investment philosophy, referred to as the capital cycle approach to investing, focuses on understanding the supply-side longer-term dynamics within a competitive ecosystem, management behavior in driving an attractive capital cycle dynamic, and how the evolution of supply-side forces impact the economics of the businesses within a particular industry. Marathon-London operates a multi-counselor model in which portfolio managers are generalists focused on specific regions (Europe, Japan, Asia ex-Japan and the Emerging Markets, and North America) and are independently accountable for their own buy/sell decisions. Each portfolio is then aggregated up for broader international and global equity mandates. There are no committee-based decision-making structures which, in turn, allows the portfolio managers the independence and flexibility to execute their skills as stock pickers and aligns their incentives with that of Marathon-London’s clients.

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portrait of Alex Duffy

Alex Duffy

Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets
portrait of Charles Carter

Charles Carter

Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, Europe
portrait of Justin Hill

Justin Hill

Portfolio Manager, Asia Pacific ex-Japan
portrait of Neil M. Ostrer

Neil M. Ostrer

Co-founder and Portfolio Manager, Europe
portrait of Nick Longhurst

Nick Longhurst

Portfolio Manager, Europe
portrait of Robert Anstey

Robert Anstey

CFA, Portfolio Manager, North America
portrait of Simon Somerville

Simon Somerville

Portfolio Manager, Japan
portrait of Toma Kobayashi

Toma Kobayashi

Portfolio Manager, Japan
portrait of William J. Arah

William J. Arah

Founder, Portfolio Manager,
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