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Asset Allocation Viewpoints & Positioning Q1 2022: A World of Uncertainty

COVID Lockdown in China; inflation-Fighting Central Banks; War in Ukraine….Uncertainty Abounds

April 01, 2022
Telescope looking over body of water at sunrise
Telescope looking over body of water at sunrise

Updated Perspectives Tactical Asset Allocation – As of April 2022

“Know what you know and know what you don’t know” as the adage goes; or, using Warren Buffett’s vernacular, invest in your circle of competence. Overconfidence bias causes many investors to steadfastly position their portfolios for what they are certain will transpire, but often never does. Our view is as follows: focus on the broad investable themes that you are very confident in during times of uncertainty. The precise level that inflation settles by the end of this year is something we have little confidence in forecasting and would argue that it is perhaps entirely unknowable.

What do we feel confident betting on? Growth will slow dramatically this year, likely led by housing, as a result of financial conditions tightening that started in Q4 of 2021. If inflation persists at high levels, then markets will worry of a policy mistake, and if inflation does not persist then it will be the result of growth slowing meaningfully; either way, headwinds for risk will persist. Lastly, services inflation will continue to run hot, and this will worry the FOMC.

We retain our overall underweight to risk driven by an underweight to credit and an overweight to quality and low volatility equities. We particularly like the Healthcare sector given reasonable valuations and defensive characteristics.


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