Activating International Equities

Actionable investment strategies in international markets

Key Points

  • Most U.S. investors are under-allocated to international equities 
  • International equities offer important diversification benefits and potential for income generation 
  • Active managers have been more successful in international markets than U.S. markets


Sonya Morris, Managing Director: "We believe actively managed funds offer the best way to benefit from all non-U.S. stocks have to offer. And now could be a good time to top up international stock allocations, particularly given valuations relative to U.S. stocks."

Sonya Morris, Managing Director: "We think international equities bring long-term enduring benefits to portfolios. However, most U.S. investors are significantly under-allocated to non-U.S. stocks in our view.

Joey Duffy, Director Investment Specialist, explains why you shouldn’t ignore the International Small Cap asset class.


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Common Misconceptions About Investing in International Equities

Concerns about added risk and lack of diversification may be overstated.

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Thoughtful Diversification with International Equities

A strategic allocation to International Equities can provide meaningful diversification benefits.

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An Active Approach to International Equity Investing

Active managers have had far more success in international markets than in the US.

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Mean Reversion

Historically, US vs. foreign equity performance has been cyclical.

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