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Harbor Lens serves to provide perspective and guidance for our clients. This dynamic term for Harbor's client-driven, integrated solutions spotlights Harbor's thinking and viewpoints which take on many different forms, such as insights, commentaries and thought leadership.

August 11, 2021

ESG in Japan

Explore the opportunities, overlooked strengths, and ongoing improvements across Japan.

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August 05, 2021

Europe: Is the Great Rotation Finally Upon Us?

This article illustrates how the evolution of capital cycles influences the PMs’ assessment of their opportunity set.

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August 05, 2021

Virtual Reality

This article provides insight into how Marathon’s PMs adapted their approach in a virtual environment.

Marathon Asset Management LLP

Marathon Asset Management LLP

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The Case for Duration Neutrality

Given the current low yield environment, many investors are positioning their bond portfolios for a potential rise in rates. Is this the right approach? Learn why taking a neutral approach to duration may make sense in the current environment.

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Inflation: Transitory or Enduring?

In this short paper, Westfield addresses the debate on inflation and how to invest in the current environment.

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The Road to Inflation

Many prognosticators believe the current inflationary pressures are temporary, but the road to inflation may offer investors a bumpy ride in the coming months.

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Westfield’s Approach to ESG Analysis

In this short paper, Westfield outlines their approach to ESG analysis. ESG components have been implicit to their investment process for some time and in this piece, Westfield formally outlines the key tenets of their process.

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Technology Sector Driving Disruption

Learn how Harbor is identifying high quality disruptive companies during this unique time in growth.

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The Rocket Economy

So long as the Federal Reserve and Congress keep pumping trillions of dollars into the financial system, the Rocket Economy may continue, but a rocket’s upward trajectory relies on a huge amount of fuel and only lasts a limited amount of time.

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When the Facts Collide With Conventional Wisdom

Read more from Kristof Gleich, Harbor’s President and CIO, about the two things to consider when evaluating active management in this challenging market.

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Allocating Across Value

A rebound in value investing has many taking a fresh look at their portfolios. We spoke with experts from our subadvisory network to get their thoughts on the recent rotation, and important long-term factors to consider when assessing the value landscape.

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