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Actionable Advice & Best Practices from Your Industry Peers


Harbor’s podcast, The Active Advisor, features host Bryan Moore, Capital Markets Expert, talking to financial advisors, practice founders, investment researchers, and CIOs across the industry about how they’ve built and scaled their businesses, their observations on the evolving investment landscape, and their tips and best practices for consideration.

Every conversation has been full of wisdom and insights based on the guests’ unique experiences and career paths. We’ve extracted some key takeaways around client relationships, investment philosophies, tools, and more. Find out how your views align with your peers – and what you may want to apply in your own practice.

Client Relationships

Erik Strid, Founding Principal, Concentus Wealth Advisors

“As a profession, we talk way too much. We talk about values-based planning and helping people achieve what’s important to them. Well, you can’t do that unless you listen to their stories.”


Nate Lenz, CEO and Co-founder, Concurrent Advisors

“Our teams find that they can add the most value by dealing with complex planning issues, helping their clients overcome biases they might face, and ultimately providing access to active management through third-party managers.”

Patrick Huang, Director Of Investments, Source Financial Advisors

“Our really big value add is to provide clarity to our clients. I want our clients to know what we’re investing in, why we’re investing, and the anticipated returns for them.”

Taylor Nissi, CFP®, CTLC®, Partner, Pleasant Street Wealth Advisors

“We want to deliver value in every client interaction. Even our prospecting process is designed to give people answers to their biggest questions right away, irrespective of if they invest with us or not.”


Frank Toth, Principal and COO, Capital Conclusions Corporation

“Communicating is critical for establishing a relationship with a client and earning their trust. Get as much face-time with your client as possible and understand their financial and emotional needs. Investing is an emotional decision where you invest with people you trust.”

Investment Philosophy

Patrick Huang, Director Of Investments, Source Financial Advisors

“Our investment strategies tend to fall into two buckets, bearish and bullish. With economic uncertainty and high interest rates, we’re bearish, weighted towards fixed-income instruments. With a market shift towards sustained growth and lower interest rates, we pivot to a more bullish portfolio focused on high-growth stocks and alternative vehicles."


Michael Collins, Founder and CEO, Wincap Financial

“The best financial advisors tend to make fewer all-in bets and focus on neutralizing the value and growth sectors. It sounds contrarian but seems to actually give you more opportunities to win.”

Tools & Resources

Aaron Gilman, Chief Investment Officer, IPF

“The advisors at IFP are fiercely independent, so the business model is built around a pursuit of integrations and fully open architecture. The objective is to be agnostic to the custodians that the advisors want to use.”


Nate Lenz, Ceo and Co-founder, Concurrent Advisors

“We leave it to the individual advisors to take it a step deeper on the actual portfolio construction side. But, I think that’s an area that we’ll continue to bulk up within our organization and add resources to because it’s core to the offering that our teams are providing to clients.”

Michael Collins, Founder and CEO, Wincap Financial

“I use ChatGPT to create financial investment content, which saves me a lot of time; I use FactSet for portfolio analytics; and I use Black Diamond for client reporting, which automates a lot of back-office functions.”

Patrick Huang, Director Of Investments, Source Financial Advisors

“Flexibility is important when choosing trading platforms and other technologies so you can quickly leverage new tools that may improve efficiency. At a large firm your options may be limited, but independent firms really need to take the time to evaluate and decide what works best for the clients’ interests.”

Advice for Upcoming Advisors

Brian Keenan, CFP®, CEO & President Keenan Financial

“How much money you make is a byproduct of how well you serve the client’s needs. If you show empathy, you’ll never wind up in a situation where you need to sell something to a client to meet a personal target. Chances are, what you’re selling doesn’t align with the client’s needs – if it did, you wouldn’t need to sell it.”


Erik Strid, Founding Principal, Concentus Wealth Advisors

“Develop listening skills. Listen to the client and understand their needs before launching into a sales pitch. Follow the 90/10 rule – let the client talk 90% of the time and condense your piece to 10%. Keep your language simple and avoid technical jargon. Focus on the value you deliver versus the process you follow.”

Taylor Nissi, CFP®, CTLC®, Partner, Pleasant Street Wealth Advisors

“Make the best decision as soon as you can, but if it’s not working, be willing to change it.”

Frank Toth, Principal & COO, Capital Conclusions Corporation

“You don’t need to be the smartest, but you need to be the most obsessed. Obsession beats talent daily.”


Nate Lenz, Ceo and Co-founder, Concurrent Advisors

“The skill that advisors need in spades is empathy. Sometimes advisors get so caught up in numbers they forget that investing and wealth management are based on human-to-human relations.”

Thoughts on Active versus Passive

Michael Collins, Founder and CEO, Wincap Financial

“A business environment that faces economic headwinds and geo-political uncertainty calls for hands-on, active management.”


Erik Strid, Founding Principal, Concentus Wealth Advisors

“We’re more likely to own a small-cap or emerging markets actively managed portfolio than a large-cap core. That’s where we believe our expertise matters.”

Brian Keenan, CFP®, CEO & President Keenan Financial

“Our clients’ portfolios are typically a mix of passive and active instruments based on the individual client’s goals, investment horizon, and risk appetite. However, the portfolios are monitored and managed almost daily to track and realign with market dynamics. Managing portfolios is a hands-on role.”

The Active Advisor Podcast

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