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10 LinkedIn Tips for Advisors

May 23, 2023
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LinkedIn is a true social media platform for business professionals, and for financial advisors, it can offer a number of potential benefits (at no cost!).

Enhanced credibility.

With the right content, you can quickly showcase your knowledge and how you can provide value to potential clients. Endorsements, recommendations, and a strong following can also provide an immediate boost to your reputation when someone visits your profile.

Website traffic.

Linking to relevant, informative content on your website – that would be of interest to your target audience – can help drive people to visit your site, where they can then learn more about you and your services.

Lead generation.

LinkedIn has paid tools you can leverage to identify potential prospects, but you can also build your pipeline by connecting with prospects you’ve reached out to or met with, looking at who’s viewed your profile, running polls and assessing who voted, and engaging with others within or adjacent to your target audiences.


You can facilitate referrals, open up speaking opportunities, establish relationships with key stakeholders from relevant Centers of Influence, and so much more just by being active on LinkedIn. Share content, make connections, and interact with others, and you can seamlessly expand your network.

But, to reap those benefits, you’ve got to put in the work. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced LinkedIn user, we have a few tips to help you get the most out of the platform.

1. Update your headshot.

People want to know that your headshot is a true representation of who you are. So, if your headshot is older than three years, it’s time for an update. Professional is great, but you can take a profile-worthy photo with your phone or use a free editing tool like Canva to enhance a photo you already have. Want to take it a step further? Upload a banner photo. Whether a custom image or a stock photo, it helps make your profile visually appealing.

2. Customize your url.

LinkedIn creates a generic url for your profile (typically your name with a string of additional numbers and/or letters), but you can easily update it. This makes you easier to find, enhances your branding and memorability, makes it easier to expand your network, and shows you’re serious about your social media presence. It takes less than five minutes to update; we suggest starting with just your first and last name.

3. Update your headline.

Most people use the headline slot – the short content block directly under your profile photo and name – to reiterate their job title (boring!). Instead, use that space to stand out from the crowd – give your elevator pitch, highlight your unique skills, or showcase your personality.

4. Refresh your About section.

Not only is this your chance to make a memorable first impression, LinkedIn also uses this section of text as a ranking mechanism for its algorithm. There’s no perfect formula for how to approach this block of text, but make sure it underscores what you do, why you do it, any areas of expertise, and what sets you apart. This type of description will likely also include the right keywords to help improve your ranking in LinkedIn’s search results.

The LinkedIn Algorithm

This is a formula that considers a range of ever-changing factors to determine who sees what content on the platform.

5. Mix up your content.

One way to increase engagement with your posts is by sharing a variety of different types of content. Mix it up between shorter posts that link back to your website and longer posts that give away all the valuable insights for the reader. Try commenting on industry hot topics or relevant news articles, sharing more about your journey as an advisor, answering common client questions – show your passion. There are also multiple accents you can add to your posts – photos, videos, and documents. LinkedIn gives preference to posts that feature these accents, so give them a try and see what resonates with your followers.

Content Strategy

When deciding what to post about, focus on your target audience and the challenges they face. Aim to help solve those problems while demonstrating your unique value proposition. Let your audience’s preferences dictate format and tone.

6. Experiment with hashtags.

Hashtags can help expand your audience to those searching for related content. A general recommendation is three-to-five hashtags per post, at the end of your post. If you start typing a hashtag, LinkedIn will offer some suggestions – pick from the top of the list to start with those that are most popular. This will help enhance your discoverability and often lead to greater engagement from the wider LinkedIn community.

Hashtags: Hashtags are words or multi-word phrases, preceded by #, that categorize and make it easier to find content. Some popular hashtags for advisors are: #investing, #wealthmanagement, #investments, #finance, #fintech, #advisortech, #financialadvisor, and #financialplanning.

7. Engage.

LinkedIn is a social network, so socialize! React to other people’s content, comment with your thoughts, or share their posts with your own opinion (just remember that a wide audience of people could potentially see what you write, so avoid anything too inflammatory). This will help raise your awareness across the network and encourage others to engage with you too.

8. Make connections.

Always look for opportunities to connect with people on LinkedIn – peers, colleagues, prospects, clients, and friends. When you send the invitation to connect, personalize it to start the relationship off on the right foot. LinkedIn groups also offer a way to form deeper connections with partners or prospects. There are groups based around industries, topics, organizations – you name it! Some are unlisted (require a personal invite from a member) and others are open to anyone. LinkedIn will suggest groups to you based on the algorithm, but you can also search for groups that would interest you. Like anything else, the key to success is involvement and consistency, so narrow your focus to one or two groups that you can actively participate in.

9. Mix the personal with the professional.

Nobody wants to see a picture of your dinner or hear about the last movie you watched, at least not on this platform. But you can share book recommendations, photos from client dinners and industry events, or the behind-the-scenes of your practice. People connect with people, so give a peek into what your day-to-day actually looks like to drive interest.

10. Stay active.

You’ll only get out of LinkedIn what you put into it. Take time, whether every day or every week, to check in – make connections, engage with others, post, and get involved. Consistency is key. The LinkedIn algorithm prioritizes regularity of publication and engagement above all else.

How Often to Post

LinkedIn recommends posting at least 1-3x per week, with a minimum of 18 hours between posts (any day of the week is fine!). No matter how often you post, focus on quality over quantity.

Start implementing these tips today to help unlock the full potential of LinkedIn for your practice!

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