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November 16, 2023

October CPI: Back to Benign Disinflation

Jake Schurmeier, Multi-Asset Portfolio Manager at Harbor Capital Advisors, shares some thoughts on why he thinks the October CPI data offers both incremental support for a soft landing and confirms that the Fed’s hiking cycle is done.

Jake Schurmeier

Jake Schurmeier


November 16, 2023

A Dynamic Picture is Worth 1,000 Words! HGER: Harbor Commodity All-Weather Strategy ETF

Let's take a look at how HGER can serve as a strategic investment option by offering increased sensitivity to both rising inflationary and disinflationary periods.

Harbor Capital Advisors

Harbor Capital Advisors

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The Active Advisor Podcast Current Episode

November 14, 2023

Transforming Portfolios with Harbor ETFs

Purpose built ETFs can have the potential to strengthen your client's portfolios just like top tier equipment can help elevate your fitness journey. So raise the bar. Power up. Sculpt and shape portfolios to help pursue peak performance.

Harbor Capital Advisors

Harbor Capital Advisors


November 06, 2023

November FOMC: Shifting the Balance

Jake Schurmeier, Multi-Asset Portfolio Manager at Harbor Capital Advisors, shares his thoughts on the November FOMC meeting and elaborates on how the Committee may be ready to call it quits on hiking with rates on hold.

Jake Schurmeier

Jake Schurmeier


Three Best Practices for Active ETFs

In a conversation led by Bryan Moore, ETF Capital Markets, Harbor detailed three best practices in purchasing and trading active ETFs for your clients.

Due Diligence Deep Dive - Adela Ghinet, CFA®, CAIA®

Take a deep dive into the world of investment research with Adela Ghinet, Investment Team Managing Director at Harbor Capital Advisors.

Jennison Perspectives - Artificial Intelligence: The Great Wave

According to Harbor’s subadvisor, Jennison Associates, the wave of artificial intelligence (AI) advancements and applications commands attention given its economic implications.

IR+M: The Benefits of Specialization

Unlocking Value with IR+M: Harbor's Bond Specialists.
Illustration of sunset over mountains with mostly ascending bar charts in the foreground.

The Upside of Higher Interest Rates

Higher rates from the Federal Reserve's tightening may potentially make it a good time to increase bond allocations.
September CPI with the I spelled out using coins. Person with a shopping cart standing in front of the I.

September CPI: A Blip or a Bounce?

Jake Schurmeier, Multi-Asset Portfolio Manager at Harbor Capital Advisors, shares his thoughts on the upside surprise in the September CPI report and whether it is a blip or a bounce.

An Advisor’s Guide to Compounding with C WorldWide

In a conversation with C WorldWide, subadvisor of the Harbor International Compounders ETF (OSEA), we dove into their strategy of taking an active and international approach to single out companies with secular tailwinds, long runways for growth and the ability to generate large amounts of free cash flow.

GDIV: A Potential Shelter from the Storm

Moving forward, we find that GDIV’s emphasis on dividend growth opportunities with equity upside participation during market advances and downside hedge capabilities during market declines appears well positioned for the uncertain road ahead.

Harbor International Small Cap Fund: A Big Fish in a Little Pond

Looking ahead, we think non-U.S. small value equities will likely enable enhanced diversification benefits and alpha opportunities.

Setting the Table for Success in International Small Caps

For investors seeking added non-U.S. exposure, we believe international small caps warrant closer attention looking ahead.

Beware Asymmetric Risk in Bonds

In the bond market, the upside is limited but the downside can go all the way to zero, resulting in an asymmetric risk profile.

Active International ETF ‘OSEA’ Generated Compelling Returns in 1st Year

Celebrate OSEA's first birthday with the fund's performance worth highlighting.

Dividend Growth Investing: Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water

Given the current backdrop of weakening growth, tighter liquidity, and elevated inflation, we believe dividend growth equities could likely serve as a strong core allocation within investor portfolios for the uncertain road ahead.

The Harbor International Small Cap Fund Seeks to Efficiently Take on Inefficient Markets

A quick look at how Cedar Street Asset Management's expertise and investment process seek to exploit the inefficient market of international small caps.

September FOMC: Higher Forever?

Jake Schurmeier, Multi-Asset Portfolio Manager at Harbor Capital Advisors, shares his thoughts on the September FOMC meeting and how the late-cycle environment could either tip into a recession or a reacceleration.
Magnifying a candle on a chart.

International Small Caps: Compelling Valuations May Mark an Attractive Entry Point

This article highlights valuation as one of many distinct signals used in evaluating international small caps, and how current valuation levels may be indicators of how the asset class may perform in the months and years ahead.


Due Diligence Deep Dive - Paul Herbert

Take a deep dive into the world of investment research with Paul Herbert, Investment Team Managing Director at Harbor Capital Advisors.
Globe covered in 3d dollar signs

Should Cash Become Your Core? Lessons from History

If history is any guide, investors could likely be better off sticking with core and core plus bond funds in their long-term portfolios rather than giving in to the temptation of today’s higher cash rates.

Illustration of a man and woman standing on top of a giant green apple holding up a flag.

Income Research + Management: A Process That Prizes Consistency

Learn why Harbor was drawn to IR+M to subadvise Harbor Core Bond and Core Plus for several reasons - not the least of which is their pursuit of consistency.

A man and a woman climbing a ladder to reach a flag on top of a stock bar chart under the 2020's label.

The Importance of Active in the 2020s

While we acknowledge the investment environment will be tougher in the 2020s, we believe investing in active mutual funds or ETFs with skilled managers could prove beneficial, and in some cases necessary, for meeting your medium and longer-term financial goals.


August CPI: Progress Where Progress is Due

Michela Boarnet, Junior Portfolio Manager at Harbor Capital Advisors, shares her thoughts on the August Consumer Price Index (CPI) and how the resilience of the U.S. economy could pose a risk to further disinflation.

GDIV and the Wonder of Westfield

The Harbor Dividend Growth Leaders ETF (GDIV) provides a one-size-fits-all investment opportunity, in our view, given its focus on investing in businesses with solid free cash flow generation, strong balance sheets, and disciplined management teams.

Due Diligence Deep Dive - Jeff Markarian

Take a deep dive into the world of investment research with Jeff Markarian, Investment Team Managing Director at Harbor Capital Advisors.

Planting the Active ETF Seed with Dividend Growth

In our view, the dividend growth category’s combination of income potential and capital growth affords investing confidence across a variety of global market environments, making it a great place to start in active ETFs.

How to Invest in a More Difficult Economic Environment

Given the ongoing possibility of a recession both in the U.S. and in other areas around the world, C WorldWide further explored its belief that high-quality companies typically perform well when global economic growth slows.

OSEA Manager on Active Advantages

In the second part of a two-part interview with VettaFi, C WorldWide portfolio manager Peter O’Reilly discusses the opportunities using active management (and challenges with passive ETFs), and how C WorldWide looks at ESG, or Environmental Social and Governance.

OSEA Active Manager on Stock Picking and Capturing Ripe Opportunities

In a two-part interview with VettaFi, C WorldWide portfolio manager Peter O’Reilly discusses the firm’s distinct investment process, trend-based stock picking, and active management.
Silhouette of a man running up white stairs

The Cost of Performance Chasing

Harbor's Li Ma led a study quantifying the cost of this performance chasing behavior across various asset classes.


Harbor Core Bond and Harbor Core Plus Bond: Embracing Complexity To Add Value

Learn how IR+M's expertise in sector allocation and security selection may help them uncover opportunities across the fixed-income universe.

Fixed Income: Complexity Favors Active Strategies

The size and intricacies of the U.S. fixed income universe can potentially offer a strong opportunity for active management in the space.

Magnifying Mid Caps with EARNEST Partners

In a discussion with Director Aaron Kirchoff of EARNEST Partners, subadvisor for the Harbor Mid Cap Fund, we explored why mid caps might just be the “sweet spot” of the U.S. equity market and a potential enhancement for investment portfolios.

Retain & Scale: 3 Tips for Financial Advisors

Is your primary focus retaining existing clients and growing your book of business? Investors today have a breadth of options when it comes to financial help, from DIY online tools to advisors of varying sizes, credentials, and service offerings. How can you cut through the noise and show your value to achieve your goals? We’ve got some quick tips to guide you down a path towards success.

The Case for Dividend Growth

Read why we believe dividend growth investors should take an active approach and leverage a skilled manager to unlock value.

Time to Up Your Serving Size of International Small Caps

Why we believe investors are underweight in an asset class that may offer distinct flavors.

HAISX: Traversing the Expansive International Small Cap Universe

A look at how Cedar Street Asset Management LLC narrows the vast universe of international small caps.

Dividend Growth Investing - Whenever, Wherever

In the best of times and the worst of times, we point to dividend growers as an attractive option given their resiliency across a range of macro environments.

5 Ways to Show Client Appreciation

Taking the extra step to show your appreciation and care can result in immeasurable loyalty and impact your retention and acquisition efforts in surprising ways.

AI to The Rescue

Given the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on global markets in the first half of 2023, subadvisor C WorldWide dove deeper into the implications of the AI disruption for investors.

Navigating Growth Markets with Active Precision

Often, periods of less meaningful index concentration than at present can be followed by periods of stronger performance from active managers as these large positions unwind, benefiting managers with underweight stances.

Harbor International Small Cap Fund Seeks to Help Navigate International Waters

How Harbor's International Small Cap Fund can potentially be a strong addition to international portfolio allocations.
Layers of two face silhouettes of different colors facing each other.

In Pursuit of Manager Skills

In this research, Harbor's Chenwei Wu and Li Ma examined the relationship between idiosyncratic alpha, which we consider to be a measure of an active manager’s skill, and excess return. 

The Harbor Capital Appreciation Fund: An Active Alliance

Several decades ago, Harbor Capital and Jennison Associates united in an active alliance that has stood the test of time.
Illustration of a man in suit standing on top of a mountain in the clouds. Palette includes shades of red, white, blue, and black.

GDIV: Growing a Long-Term Perspective

The Harbor Dividend Growth Leaders ETF (GDIV) possesses diversified exposure across economic sectors based on where we are identifying the best risk-reward dynamics.


July CPI: Progress Where Progress is Due

Jake Schurmeier, Multi-Asset Solutions Portfolio Manager at Harbor Capital Advisors, shares some insights on the July Consumer Price Index (CPI) print.

7 Ideas for Your Next Client Event

As an advisor, clients are the lifeblood of your business, and whether virtual or in person, client-focused events offer the opportunity to deepen relationships, show your appreciation, provide education, and build your referral business.

Harbor Multi-Asset Solutions Q3 2023 Asset Allocation Viewpoints Summary

In consideration of the macro environment, we continue to expect a recession over the next twelve months and believe the risk to assets is skewed negatively. We remain in favor of high-quality companies and high-rated fixed income exposures.

Quantix Q2 2023 Newsletter

Read why Don Casturo, Founding Partner & Chief Investment Officer of Quantix Commodities, expects the second half of the year to result in the return of more active markets.

IR+M: A Rare Fixed-Income Boutique

Read why Harbor is so enthusiastic about its partnership with IR+M, and why they are such a rare fixed-income boutique.

Bonds: Why Active?

Read why Harbor believes when it comes to bond markets, active managers have a clear long-term edge over indexes.

July FOMC: Dancing with Our Hands Tied

Jake Schurmeier, Multi-Asset Portfolio Manager at Harbor Capital Advisors, shares his thoughts on the July Federal Open Market Committee meeting and his questions for the road ahead.

GDIV: A Calming Influence

We believe GDIV offers attractive growth potential with investments in quality businesses that have the capacity to grow their dividends, while also providing a hedge during down markets and less volatility when investors need it the most.

Harbor Mid Cap Fund

Is it time for investors to consider adding a dedicated mid-cap fund to their portfolios to help top-up their mid-cap allocation?

Balancing Risk and Reward with Dividend Growth Investing

Dividend growth strategies typically feature lower dividend payout ratios, often affording more flexibility in growing and/or maintaining dividend streams in the future. We believe this will be particularly important as the U.S. economy is set to slow.

Actionable Advice & Best Practices from Your Industry Peers

Find out how your views align with your peers – and what you may want to apply in your own practice.

Current Asset Allocation Viewpoints & Positioning

The End of a Mid-cycle Slowdown? Or the Last Stand for the U.S. Economy?

June CPI: Easy Come, Easy Go

Jake Schurmeier, Multi-Asset Solutions Portfolio Manager at Harbor Capital Advisors, shares his reasoning for remaining "cautiously pessimistic" in response to the June Consumer Price Index (CPI) print.

2023: The Year of Haves and Have Nots Within Large Cap Growth

With 2023 shaping up to be the year of “Haves and Have Nots” within large cap growth, now could prove an opportune time to consider the Harbor Capital Appreciation Fund for the road ahead.

ChatGPT: Fact or Fad

As the world wraps its head around ChatGPT and its capabilities, Harbor narrows its focus on the investment implications of this artificial intelligence (AI) disruption.

Attract & Retain a High-Performing Team

A high-performing team is the cornerstone of your firm’s success. Consider these five key areas that may have the greatest impact on your ability to attract and retain top talent.

Harbor Core Bond and Harbor Core Plus Bond

A straightforward approach for challenging times.
A mirror in a desert oasis on a bright and cloudy day

Gazing Into the Mirrors of Time

Joe Duffy, Managing Director of the Investment Specialist Team at Harbor Capital Advisors, explains why he believes investors should consider the mirrors of time looking ahead with regards to the Harbor Capital Appreciation Fund.

A Strong Case for Active Management in International Small Caps

See why international small caps could potentially be a compelling arena for active managers to outperform.

Revisiting the Potential Diversification Benefits of Investing Internationally

Diversification benefits of international equities could be making a comeback as domestic markets continue to see increased levels of volatility.

The Perils of Interest-Rate Forecasting

As the Fed has continued its tightening policy, a favorite pastime of economists and market pundits is to forecast where interest rates will wind up.

June FOMC: Uninformative Priors

Jake Schurmeier, Multi-Asset Solutions Team Portfolio Manager at Harbor Capital Advisors, discusses why the Federal Open Market Committee decided to skip a rate hike at their June meeting.

May CPI: Moving on Down

Jake Schurmeier, Multi-Asset Solutions Portfolio Manager at Harbor Capital Advisors, shares his thoughts on the implications of the May Consumer Price Index (CPI) print.
Paper airplanes with a red one that is taking a different trajectory.

IR+M: Finding Value In Non-Traditional Market Segments

In selecting investment firms to manage our funds, Harbor seeks firms that demonstrate original thinking and a willingness to be different from the competition, whether that be in taking nonconsensus views or investing in less trafficked corners of the market.
Flags from many different countries lined up in the dark.

Active International Exposure Seeks to Enhance Returns and Diversification

Investors underweight to active international exposure may potentially be missing out on attractive returns and enhanced diversification.
Microphone close up with colorful background

Podcasting 101: How to Start Your Own Podcast

Podcasting offers an opportunity for advisors like you to leverage the power of your voice to help.

Developing a Growth Mindset

Given the evolving economic landscape, we now point to the attractiveness of growth investing in particular.

Our Belief: Active ETFs are Better Positioned for Opportunities in High-Yield Bonds

An increasing number of advisors are looking to high-yield bonds to help generate above-average income.

How Active Management May Enhance Growth Investing

A long-term allocation to growth may be a critical component in client portfolios.

SIHY and SIFI: 2 Active Fixed Income ETFs to Consider

We believe that an increasing number of advisors are turning to active fixed income ETFs in 2023.
Global map with a magnifying glass over northeastern continents.

Thinking Small to Take on International Waters

Learn why the international small cap arena is a compelling space given current market conditions.

In Pursuit of Manager Skills: Summary

In a recent exercise led by Chenwei Wu and Li Ma of Harbor’s Investment Data & Enhanced Analytics (IDEA) team, we found that we were able to more acutely identify outperformance attributable to skill by focusing on idiosyncratic alpha rather than excess returns.

Now May Be The Time To Revisit Your Portfolio’s Bond Allocation

We believe that headwinds may soon abate, and now could be an opportune time to add to your portfolio’s bond allocation.
Glowing LinkedIn logo

10 LinkedIn Tips for Advisors

LinkedIn is a true social media platform for business professionals, and for financial advisors, it can offer a number of potential benefits (at no cost!).

Why Current Yields are Pointing to Potentially Attractive Returns in High Yield

Why current yields may signal a brighter outlook for high yield investments.

2 Harbor ETFs to Consider for Commodities Exposure

Investors can look to two Harbor ETFs for distinct commodities exposure as the asset class works to play an increasingly important role in portfolios.
4 people bumping fists together over documents with charts and graphs on them

Harbor’s New Corporate Culture ETF Crosses $100 Million in AUM

The Harbor Corporate Culture Small Cap ETF (HAPS) has garnered investor attention following its recent launch.

Small Caps – Is it time to be greedy?

The case for a contrarian stance.
Illustration of people sitting around a table with a giant pink lightbulb above them.

6 Key Insights from Advisors: Survey results for a pulse on the industry

Ready for a glimpse into what your industry peers are currently thinking when it comes to building portfolios, staying on top of industry trends, and working with asset managers? We’ve got some answers – how does your practice line up?
Phone display Fixed Income ETF up 0.23% with Sell and Buy buttons

How to Position Portfolios if the Treasury Runs Out of Cash

News that the federal government could run out of money soon is dominating headlines, leaving advisors concerned about what this means for their investments.
Paper airplanes made of currency flying in a purple colored lightning storm.

Harbor Provides Insight on Unfolding Banking Crisis

What originally started as a run on regional banks in the U.S. has continued to escalate, with a banking crisis unfolding across the world.
Globe with a lit up grid

OSEA Highlights that Active Management Adds Value and Outperforms

OSEA works to remove home country bias and, according to our research, is outpacing markets in the current environment.
Illustration of a man on top of a long stair case reaching towards the clouds

Harbor Long-Term Growers ETF (WINN)

Jeff Markarian, Managing Director of the Investment Research Team at Harbor Capital Advisors, shares some insight on why now could potentially be a good time for the Harbor Long-Term Growers ETF (WINN).

April CPI: Waiting On The Outlook To Change

Jake Schurmeier, Multi-Asset Solutions Portfolio Manager at Harbor Capital Advisors, discusses the April Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase while expressing concern about the potential effects of Federal Reserve tightening on the labor market and risk of recession.
Whiteboard drawings of equations, charts, and formulas on blue to purple gradient background.

Why Harbor Scientific Alpha High-Yield ETF?

Although rising interest rates have recently posed challenges for fixed income investors, it also presents opportunities for skilled active managers.

Glass of water half full or half empty. Red and blue gradient background.

Asset Allocation Viewpoints & Positioning Q1 2023

Q1 2023 Asset Allocation Viewpoints & Positioning: The economy may experience a more severe downturn than expected; reducing risk exposure in portfolios may prove key.


ETFs Disrupting The Funds Industry: Stocks For Beginners Podcast

Here are some key points and takeaways from a conversation with Charles McCain, CEO of Harbor Capital Advisors, on a recent episode of Stocks for Beginners hosted by Philip Muscatello.

May FOMC: Positioning For a Pause

Jake Schurmeier, Multi-Asset Solutions Team Portfolio Manager at Harbor Capital Advisors, discusses the May FOMC meeting and how it may mark the end of the Fed's hiking cycle, but the probability of a recession is still a coin flip.

Quantix Q1 2023 Newsletter – After the Landing

Read why Don Casturo, Founding Partner & Chief Investment Officer of Quantix Commodities, believes investors should focus on the longer-term perspective of Deglobalization and Decarbonization for commodity markets, despite short-term challenges.
Finger pointing to middle highlighted puzzle piece.

HGER as a Strategic Allocation

HGER may offer compelling long-term diversification benefits and potential returns.

Finger with bright yellow light on index finger

The Human Capital Factor: Employee Motivation and Its Implications for Investing

The majority of corporate value increasingly resides in intangible assets. In our view, human capital is without doubt one of the most critical of these assets, encompassing the habits, knowledge, talent, motivation, and experiences of an organization.

Orange flower growing in a jar of coins

3 Reasons to Consider Dividend Growth Today

Since 1930 dividends on average have accounted for 59% of the total return of equities.


March CPI: Shelter Begins Its Descent

Jake Schurmeier, Multi-Asset Solutions Team Portfolio Manager at Harbor Capital Advisors, shares his thoughts on the most recent CPI update and why high quality companies offering lower volatility and higher yields remain the preference.
Street with stick figures on it. One is on the phone, the other is carrying a briefcase in the opposite direction.

Harbor Capital: When Investing = Active Management

Why we believe that all investing is essentially active.

Commodities as a Diversifier and Inflation Hedge

Commodities may provide diversification benefits to the traditional 60/40 portfolio in the current market environment.

The Case for Growth Equities: Harbor Long-Term Growers ETF (WINN)

Growth investing is a popular investment strategy that focuses on companies expected to grow earnings at an above average rate relative to the broader market.

4 ETFs for Today's Environment

4 key themes impacting today’s markets and 4 ETFs to potentially address them.

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HGER Acts as Diversifier and Compelling Solution for Stubborn Inflation

OSEA Outpaces Benchmark by 377 Basis Points in November

4 Harbor ETFs to Invest in Through This Regime Change

It’s Time to Diversify Client Portfolios by Challenging Home Country Bias

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Beyond Inflation, The Tailwinds for Commodities May Persist for Years

November FOMC: Slower Not Lower

Here’s To Your Health Q&A

International Investing Q&A

Asset Allocation Viewpoints & Positioning Q3 2022

September CPI: Home Is Where the Inflation Is

Winter Is Coming… Right?

The Fed Means Business: Time For Dividend Growers, Not High Dividend Yielders

U.K. Fiscal Crisis: A Prelude or a Warning?

September FOMC: Playing the Same Tune

Asset Allocation Viewpoints & Positioning - August 2022

Like Happiness, Commodities Diversification Comes From Within

Harbor All-Weather Inflation Focus ETF (HGER) Quick Hits

The Anatomy of a Compounder

High August Inflation Resets The Fed Clock

Harbor Energy Transition Strategy ETF (RENW) Quick Hits

Why Thirty?

Short-Term Pains + Potential Long-Term Gains = Harbor ETF Opportunity

The Expanding Meaning of Innovation

Renewables as Hope: Creating the Road Ahead in the Great Energy Transition

July CPI Brings Temporary Relief

Q&A: Investing in the Renewable Energy Transition

July FOMC: First Impressions of a Slowdown

Hedge Inflation and Diversify with Commodities

June CPI: Chasing The Elusive Peak

Asset Allocation Viewpoints & Positioning Q2 2022

Harbor Large Cap Value Fund’s Alpha Edge

June FOMC: How Much Is Going To Be Enough?

Harbor Overseas Fund’s Alpha Edge

Finding Light in the Dark: Two Harbor ETFs To Consider

Commodities: More Than an Inflation Hedge

Growth: Back to Basics & Patience

April CPI: Past Peak Inflation Offers Little Relief

Harbor Long-Term Growers ETF (WINN): Current Volatility Creates Future Opportunity

FOMC Makes 50 Basis Points Look Easy

Facing the Inevitable? A Commodity Squeeze in Oil

Duration Neutral Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Sector Neutral for Core Fixed Income Strategies

What's Behind High Growth's Increasing Appeal?

3 Reasons Inflation Could Fall, Remain Elevated

FOMC Delivers a Hike, Promises More

Small Cap Growth Got You Down?

February Consumer Price Index (CPI) Brings Clarity to March Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC)

Inflation: Slowing, But Far From Slow

Geopolitical Crisis & Market Implications

International All Cap Stewardship Process & Principles

International Small Cap Equity: Put Me in Coach, I’m Ready to Play

Being ProActive Within U.S. Large Cap Equities

Inflation: Transitory or Enduring?

Technology Sector Driving Disruption

When the Facts Collide With Conventional Wisdom

Allocating Across Value

When Passive Becomes Active

The Importance of Active in Capturing Innovation

An Update on Technology Sector Volatility

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