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Dividend + Durable Growth Equities: A Recipe for Success

Dividend & durable growth equities can provide diversification benefits against the broad market


Here’s To Your Health Q&A

Joe Duffy, Director, Investment Specialist of Harbor Capital Advisors, and Matthew Renna, Partner and Portfolio Manager of Westfield Capital Management Company, talk through some of the questions facing health care equity investors in today’s environment.


Winter Is Coming… Right?

Read how Joe Duffy, Director, Investment Specialist of Harbor’s Investment Specialist Team, believes investors should be questioning what seems to be a sea of bearish sentiment, as opposed to just accepting the implications from an investment perspective.


Short-Term Pains + Potential Long-Term Gains = Harbor ETF Opportunity

Joe Duffy, Director and Investment Specialist at Harbor, shares his thoughts on the potential investment opportunity within the Harbor Long-Term Growers ETF as investors weigh certain tax implications within the current market.


Growth: Back to Basics & Patience

Joe Duffy, Investment Specialist Director at Harbor Capital Advisors, shares his opinion on why to stick to the longer-term basics when short-term market dynamics appear more complex.


Finding Light in the Dark: Two Harbor ETFs To Consider

As investors grapple with investment challenges brought forth by prevailing conditions, here are some insights from Joe Duffy regarding potential opportunities within Harbor’s growing ETF suite.


Harbor Long-Term Growers ETF (WINN): Current Volatility Creates Future Opportunity

In the face of elevated volatility, it is often important to look through the uncertainty of shorter-term periods to potentially realize longer-term investment objectives.

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Technology Sector Driving Disruption

Learn how Harbor is identifying high quality disruptive companies during this unique time in growth.


Joe Duffy on International Small Cap Equity

Joey Duffy, Director Investment Specialist, explains why you shouldn’t ignore the International Small Cap asset class.

International City Street

International Small Cap Equity: Put Me in Coach, I’m Ready to Play

Read why this underutilized asset class may offer you the potential to add value and increase diversification.

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Being ProActive Within U.S. Large Cap Equities

Learn why Harbor believes it is important to consider active management within the U.S. large cap equity space.

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U.S. Growth Equities: 2023’s Must Take or Head Fake?

Joe Duffy, Managing Director of Harbor’s Investment Specialist Team, shares his feelings on why investors may want to consider U.S. growth equities as both a timely opportunity, and long-term anchor position within diversified portfolios for 2023 and beyond.

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