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The essence of Harbor is surrounding ourselves with talent

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Discover Harbor

For over 30 years, Harbor has served as a gateway for clients to access talented, institutional caliber asset managers through active, cost-aware investments.

Worldwide coverage model provides diverse and unique perspectives.

Partnering with global asset class experts for targeted strategies.

Not constrained by a single, overarching investment style.

Rigorous initial and ongoing research process to identify specialists in each asset.

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Partnering for the long term



Diversified Lineup

$66B Assets Under Management*

ProActive Management


As of September 30, 2021

The Harbor Way: Pursuing Alpha

The Alpha Edge with Kristof Gleich & Ross Frankenfield

For more than a half-century, Harbor has been successfully investing in active managers. Ross Frankenfield, CFA, Managing Director, and Kristof Gleich, President, CIO, break down our quantitative and qualitative approach to finding managers who deliver “Alpha Edge.”

The Harbor Way: Why Active vs. Passive is the Wrong Debate

Active vs. Passive Investing with Kristof Gleich & Ross Frankenfield

Investors have debated the merits of “active” versus “passive” investing for a while now. We break down those concepts and explain why portfolios benefit from a blended, not binary, approach.

Our Principles
Client Centric

We are committed to building trusted partnerships with our clients and are dedicated to acting in their best interests.

Engaged Talent

We are driven by uncompromising integrity, intellectual curiosity and the passion to continuosly improve.

Collective Strength

We promote open communication, value diversity of perspectives and embrace a culture of collaboration to achieve excellence together.

Inspired to Innovate

We are nimble and take calculated risks to push for exceptional creativity, challenge the status quo, and embrace change.

A Winning Mindset

We are deliberate in our intentions, boldly take action and always go above and beyond to deliver on our commitment to results and our clients' success.

Get In Touch

We are happy to help in whatever way is most convenient for you.

How We Partner With You
Fiduciary mindset

We sit on the same side of the table as our clients through our unique business model. Our subadvised model means we committed to due diligence with a research team scouting the best managers across the world.

Guide to access institutional money managers

Bring in top-tier institutional strategies to a broader audience that otherwise couldn't be accessed. Historically through mutual funds, but recently have launched CITs and will be entering ETFs and offering MAS.

Rich history and track record of delivering results

We've been doing this for 50+ years as industry leaders in manager research. 30+ years since the first Harbor funds. 1 of only 14 firms with 7+ strategies rated silver or gold by Morningstar.

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Harbor Funds Distributors, Inc. is the Distributor of the Harbor Mutual Funds.
Foreside Fund Services, LLC is the Distributor of the Harbor ETFs.  

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